Satisfly is a privately owned, limited company incorporated in Hong Kong in 2008.
Its business concept grows out of passion for travel and enthusiasm for information technology.
Its roots grow deep into digital media and its branches produce business and mobile applications.

B2B solution for travel companies

Satisfly is pioneering social data solutions that enable travel companies to connect with and serve their customers in a more intelligent way.

Car rental
Bus line
Sea line

Satisfly’s technology helps travel companies know and understand their customers, and enables to create more engaging and personalized travel services delivered through Satisfly’s turn-key consumer applications.

With Satisfly, travel companies gain access to a new level of customer intelligence that opens up new marketing and monetization opportunities.


Engaging Consumer Apps

Satisfly delivers consumer-facing features that leverage intelligent social data such as social seating, social shopping, and taxi share to meet the needs of consumers across the entire travel lifecycle and create additional revenue streams for travel companies.

Social login
Social seating
Social shopping
Taxi share

Business Data & Apps

Satisfly delivers off-the-shelf, turnkey enterprise apps that enable travel companies to better serve their customers, increase retention, and generate incremental revenue through services such as passenger/guest recognition and intelligent data reporting.

CRM enrichment

Get in touch with us to know more about Satisfly's products and their benefits for your business: sales@satisfly.com

Big Data intelligence

Big Data mining.. As A Service

Today's digital customer behaviour creates new data opportunities. Satisfly's applications provide the entry point for travel intelligence, with the final goal of delivering meaningful and actionable insight to travel companies through our ability to decode and restructure social data in ways that support business and customer needs.


IT is an enabler, rather than a challenge. SATISFLY’s implementation projects are dealt with by taking away as much workload as possible from the clients’ IT resources. This proactive attitude, in combination with a modular product offering, results in record-breaking implementation times.

Plug and play

Travel companies can embed social login and other Satisfly-enabled features and apps directly onto their own sites, mobile apps and properties with a seamless plug and play solution. In addition to the choice of API and widgets, Satisfly can deliver standalone branded or private label consumer apps.

Flexible and Customizable

Our travel features are useful and contextual, mobile and global, and tailored to each company’s specific needs. Satisfly works with clients to augment their customer relationships with social intelligence at various levels of data handling including data collection, data processing/mining, and extraction of actionable data insights. Satisfly is more than just a closed product or black box; we can assist with everything from customer segmentation to social CRM solutions.


Social relevance

Satisfly is to travel, like Spotify is to music. Before Spotify, enjoying and discovering music was largely an isolated experience. Spotify added a social layer on top of music, enabling shared experiences and new connections. It also serves as a recommendation engine based on social relevance. This is what Satisfly is doing for travel.

Economy of scale

Satisfly, its affiliates and its business partners contribute to reinforce and distribute engagement on a global scale. Their consumer applications delivered on the web and via mobile apps aggregate a virtual community of travellers on a single platform, for the benefit of the consumers.

Demo app

Satisfly has developed a demonstrative mobile app to showcase a potential travel use case.

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For any enquiry: ask@satisfly.com

Our headquarters are in Asia:
66/F The Center
99 Queen's Road Central
Hong Kong S.A.R.

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