Do you really know your customer?

We get a detailed insight into each customer, and give them a personal experience that will make them fall in love with your brand.

What we do

Through travel-specific technology, we transform your customer’s social data into meaningful and actionable intelligence.

The benefit to you
Plug and play, sit back and watch our advanced systems impact your business.

Experience relevant results that will influence sales conversion and amplify customer loyalty.

Big Data for a purpose

Travel specific applications of big data

Adopting generic big data solutions no longer guarantees competitive advantage. Satisfly offers meaningful and actionable intelligence for travel companies to achieve better business results, faster.

The true potential of big data is unleashed by connecting relevant points across multiple layers of data, like mobile, online, social, loyalty, transactions and CRM and applying the findings in specific business scenarios to identify insight such as desired travel destination with friends or shopping and media consumption habits.

Satisfly makes use of proprietary algorithms to extract high potential data like customer behaviour, social fabric and peer influence. Then it makes those refined and actionable data available to travel companies’ databases and systems and empower other business, sales-generating applications.

More than just an IT feature and capability implementation. Satisfly’s travel focused solution can be strategically capitalised by travel companies to stay at the competitive edge among your competitors, stay informed about your customer trends, and boost sales with bottom line growth.

Lightning start

Time to value

Time to market is one of the key challenges faced by travel companies as they need to develop new tools and processes for enabling complex data analysis. We help you minimise the time and effort required, allowing fast deployment of ready-to-use solutions. All you have to do is sit back and watch the magic happen.

Who do we serve?

  • Airline

  • Airport

  • Car Rental

  • Bus Line

  • Railway

  • Sea Line

  • Hotel

  • Search & TMC

  • Loyalty


  • “Satisfly really made some sense out of our social data. Going forward, we will be able to know where our customers normally want to go, even before they ask, giving us the ability to provide them with relevant offers.”

    Stephan Ekbergh

    Founder & CEO


  • "Satisfly’s solution is particularly compelling because it provides several innovative digital features and is focussed on travel. Iberia appreciates Satisfly’s proactive support attitude and its high degree of flexibility."

    Ignacio Valeros

    Head of Product Development


  • "We are impressed with the product implementation. Satisfly is a true plug-and-play solution, which was launched with minimum integration cost and created positive customer engagement in a short time."

    Michael Grimme



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